Herzog Wine in Winter

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 by Ajax Union Blogging
There’s nothing better than coming home from work in the winter months and falling into your favorite armchair with a glass of red wine. It warms you up, calms you down, and is a perfect accompaniment to a good, hearty kosher meal. There are so many fantastic kosher wines to choose from. My favorite is Herzog wine, which goes particularly well with full flavored foods like beef or chicken.

Made in California, Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, rich aromatic wine with blackberry, plum and sweet oak flavors that linger in your mouth after you’ve taken a leisurely sip. It’s perfect with meals involving rich cheese sauces.

Merlot is another fantastic Herzog wine, and goes well with grilled or salted chicken dishes or fish like salmon. Herzog Merlot is soft and velvety and infused with ripe strawberry, plum and jam flavors, with light coffee and tea aromas as well.

If you love spicy foods, Baron Herzog Red Zinfandel 2007 is for you. It’s a deep red full bodied wine with ripe blackberries and raspberries balanced with touches of vanilla and spices. It’s a wonderful accompaniment to full flavored spicy fish, chicken and turkey dishes.

Find these and more red kosher wines at Kosher Wine Rack.

The Time Is White For Kosher Wines!

Monday, February 15, 2010 by Ajax Union Blogging

I know that spring is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start planning now. A nice white kosher wine is best served chilled and pairs well with any fish or pasta meal. So here are a few options that you can find on our website:

Sauvignon Blanc: This grape originally came from the Bordeaux region in France and is often fermented in oak barrels. Sauv Blanc is known has the most aggressive taste of white wines, and so its tangy flavors can accompany almost any food pairing.

Pinot Gris: This grape has been finding more success in the United States lately, particularly in Oregon. Its flavors are drier, but can still be paired with many foods. It is sometimes citrusy, with hints of apple and pear. www.KosherWineRack.com carries few different Pinot Grigios, my favorite being the Borgo Reale 2008 for just $11.99.

Chardonnay: This popular white kosher wine has just the right balance of sugar and acidity. A thin-skinned grape, it is subject to differences in production such as oak barrel aging, which makes the wine smokier. Chardonnay is characteristically rich and full bodied, and has become widespread ever since California wineries began planting in the 1970s. It pairs well with salads, fish and chicken.

Well, I hope you’ve found this guide to white kosher wines helpful. Now it’s time to start shopping on www.KosherWineRack.com!

Passover Wine Time

Thursday, February 11, 2010 by Ajax Union Blogging

If you’re looking for the right bottle of wine in time for Passover, you’ve come to the right place. Today, you can find a kosher bottle of wine to suit any and all of your preferences, because nearly all kinds of wine come kosher. Whether you like your wine from California, France, or Israel, Kosherwinerack.com has kosher wine for you.

This year Spanish reds are particularly hot. A 2005 Capcanes from Montsant, Spain is sure to please everyone at the table and can be found for $49.95 on our site. With a deep red color, medium to full body, and cassis and currant flavors, this wine is a sure winner.

Another, more moderate option is the Capcanes Peraj Pettita for only $17.95. It has a medium ruby color, and has red berry flavors with cherry too. The 2006 bottle is another crowd pleaser that will make everyone forget the days when only Manischewitz was available (we love you, Manischewitz, but sometimes it’s nice to have an alternative).

So if you want to try a Spanish red for Passover seder, Kosher Wine Rack is your place to go. Or if you want to try another country, I’ll be back with more tips. In the meantime, start traveling, on kosherwinerack.com!

Welcome to Kosher Wine Rack’s Blog!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 by Ajax Union Blogging
Kosher Wine Rack has been importing the best kosher wines for the past 35 years. We have just launched our brand new website, and now we're ready to open this blog. Why? So you’d know that because of our grand internet opening, when you make a purchase on our site you receive a free gift bottle of Sforno Moscato!

Not bad huh? Well, we like to make people happy. That’s why we sell wine on our website. And we also like people to learn more about wine and about our wine specials. That’s why we got this blog running.

So go ahead, visit our web site to find a wine that’s right for you. You can narrow your wine search by alcohol content and price range, and then choose from the hundreds of different wines we have. Whether it’s cabernet sauvignon or sauvignon blanc, you can find it kosher on our site.

After you decide what you like, join our newsletter to receive information and sales specials about all of our products. Once you create your online account, you’ll be able to check out faster, save multiple shipping addresses, access your order history, track new orders, and save items to your wish list.

With Kosher Wine Rack, you don’t have to doubt that you will have the best customer service, along with the finest quality kosher wines, all for unbeatable prices. We’re proud to offer you the best service and selection around. And don’t forget to visit this blog weekly for the best wine tips available.